Screen Writing

Film Scripts in Multiple Genres

Screenplays by Linda M James


Here is a selection of the screenplays Linda has written in differing genres. They are available for optioning. Please contact her if you’d like further information about any of these screenplays.


The Last Prince of Wales

A Historical Epic Film

An exciting action / adventure feature film based on the life of Welsh Warrior Prince Owain Glyn-Dwr and his heroic fight to save his country, his people and his family from the tyranny of Henry IV in 15th Century Britain. Owain fought the might of the English throne for twelve successful years.

However, the King’s young son, Prince Henry is determined to outwit the Welsh ‘wizard’ by disguising himself even more effectively than Owain does.

Two countries and two Princes are tragically linked by war but only one man can win.

White Witch

A Dark Psychological Thriller

1830s. Jamaica. Richard Davenport, a young English man journeys to Jamaica, hoping to escape his past by working on a sugar plantation. The plantation is owned by a white ‘obeah’ woman called Annie Palmer and Richard quickly falls under her spell. However, when Rhea, the daughter of a powerful African leader is bewitched to death, the slaves rebel.

Richard is now faced with an agonising decision: does he join the slave rebellion and leave Annie helpless, or defend the woman he has come to love in spite of the fact she’s a witch?

A dark true story of witchcraft, sex and a slave rebellion.

The Day of the Swans

A psychological thriller

[Adapted from my book of the same name.]

At the heart of this screenplay lies a fascinating question: if memories give you your identity what happens if someone gives you new ones and makes you believe them?

“The Day Of The Swans” explores this question through the intriguing and erotic relationship between Stefan, a charismatic stalker and Anna, his beautiful therapist.

Stefan is an artist who paints an incredible painting called The Day Of The Swans; a painting of two laughing children walking along the beautiful Rhosilli Bay in Wales twenty one years ago. ‘It’s you and me, Anna.’ Stefan tells her. ‘It’s taken me twenty-one years to find you.’

At first Anna thinks she’s dealing with a highly delusional man, but gradually, her stable world is thrown into chaos as Stefan convinces her that they really have a shared past and everything she’s believed in is based on lies. But is he telling her truth? You’ll be stunned by the answer!

William of Warwick

An Historical Action/Adventure Feature Film

1188. William, an eighteen-year-old hot-headed squire travels to Jerusalem to join Richard’s I crusade, but he [and a group of people he meets there] are attacked by Assyrians. They have to travel through dangerous territory to escape and he gradually proves himself capable of selfless courage.

A Dream of High Horses

A Cliff hanging Drama

A grief-stricken, dyslexic mountaineer puts six people’s lives in jeopardy on an advanced cliff-climbing course in Wales because he’s too drunk to take them. His wife is forced to lead the group otherwise they might lose everything. But when he realises the danger they’re in, he sees himself clearly for the first time and shoots into action to save them, his marriage and himself.


Blue Notes

A Sexy TV Crime Drama

Angelica and Bianca, two convent educated women, are the lovers of Paolo, a wealthy, narcissistic art-dealer/nightclub owner who supposedly has a heart condition. But when Paolo dies unexpectedly, Jack, an ex-DCI, knows he’s been murdered, but he is stunned by the horrific secrets he unearths.


Fallen Angels

A World War II TV Drama in 8 episodes

[Adapted from my books “The Invisible Piper” and Tempting The Stars]

 “Fallen Angels” is an eight-part TV drama which opens with a dramatic question: does Rob Adams, a pilot who is parachuting out of a burning Spitfire survive? We flash back in time and meet his parents, his girlfriend Kate and discover Charlie, a lionhearted evacuee who teaches Rob about real love and courage after he is burnt. Rob is sent to a hospital for burnt soldiers in East Sussex and meets the famous plastic surgeon Archie McIndoe who changes not only Rob’s face, but his life too.


A Contemporary Real Life Drama

“Jon” explores the world of 17 year old Jon Adams, a boy who has been incarcerated in a succession children’s homes. After he is banned from his last children’s home for torching the library, Jon decides to find his grandfather, a man he had worshipped as a child, but who he now thinks abandoned him. He is angry enough to kill him, but when he meets Bill Whiting, he discovers the perfect foil for his aggression. But Jon wants answers. Why was he abandoned by his family?  (Jon’s story is both powerful and inspirational.)


A Romantic Comedy

DAN, a penniless artist falls in love with LAURA, a beautiful girl who works for an advertising agency in London and embarks on a tangled web of lies to impress her – he’s an art dealer and his aristocratic parents live in a mansion. When she and her friend SADE ask to meet them, Dan hires two actors to play the role and puts them in a mansion (which he’s supposed to be selling as he takes a temporary job in a high-class estate agents). His ‘parents’ invent even more incredible lies about Dan’s life and Laura is bowled over. Dan is shell-shocked. He goes to see his wise Hungarian landlady, MADAME KARI who tells him he must tell Laura the truth. He does, but with many comic consequences.