The Invisible Piper

The Invisible Piper

A historical novel set in WWII

“Linda M James writes real and touching characters going through exciting, testing times during WWII; if you’re interested in the past, you’ll love this book.” – Maggie Gee, Vice-President of the Royal Society of Literature

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About the Book

England. 1941. The book opens with a dramatic question: does Rob Adams, a 20 year Spitfire pilot who is parachuting out of a burning Spitfire survive? We have to wait until the climax at the end of the book to discover the truth. In flashback, we explore Rob’s home life; his life in the RAF and the people he learns to love: Kate, his best friend’s sister and a ten year old boy, Charlie.

Charlie, a 10 year old London evacuee, brings with him a traumatic background, a perceptive personality and a disarming ability to make people care about him deeply. He totally changes Rob’s family’s perception of themselves and the world.

I am fascinated by history and research is so important when writing about historical events. (So important that I went to Los Angeles to take my Private Pilot’s Licence so I could experience what it’s like to fly a plane.)


Series: Reaching The Stars, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Ebook
Length: 327
ASIN: B0071347CQ
ISBN: 9781843865094
eBook Price: £3..99
“Do you know what makes a hero? I didn’t until I read THE INVISIBLE PIPER which explodes many of the myths we associate with heroism. I discovered that the Charlie Slater’s of this world ( a disarming 10 year old evacuee with a keen sense of what is just) are far more heroic than the Douglas Bader’s. I also discovered the excitement and terror of flying a Spitfire.. But what I particularly liked was the contrasts between the humour and the poignancy of people during WW 11. If readers want a book that involves them in its characters’ lives so much that they can’t put the book down, this is the book they should buy.”
– F.C. Soames. Book reviewer.
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