‘A Fatal Facade’

After writing Swans, I changed genre and wrote my first crime thriller.   Three people are linked by a horrifying incident long ago. Paolo Cellini, a narcissistic playboy who owns a nightclub and art gallery.


And two disparate Catholic girls who met as girls in school; Angelica, a virginal looking blonde, who is anything but virginal, is haunted by her shameful past.


Bianca, a dark-haired Maltese girl who is Paolo’s lover and sings in his night-club.


Unfortunately, when Paolo meets Angelica, he’s determined to make her his lover too with dire consequences for all of them.

I dug deep into my own life experiences when writing this novel.  I went to a Catholic school [ as a left-handed Protestant, it was a grim combination.] I have also been a Jazz singer and studied Art, but I have never been the lover of a narcissistic playboy.

I am adapting this novel into an exciting screenplay called Blue Notes. You’ll see the mood of the film from the book trailer.

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‘The Day Of The Swans’

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Historical Novels

Historical Novels

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